Shenyang Fuqiang Belt Co, Limited founded in 2006, is a professional manufacturer of convey belts specialized for corrugated board production line. The enterprise founder is well-known specialist in the field of convey-belt manufacture at home and abroad, and has 15 national technical patents. Our products named "FuQiang" are convey belts specialized for corrugated board production line. We take use of the unique weaving process, precise proportioning materials and the international advanced technology, and our products are the first-rate.
  In 2010, Mr. Wei Jianguo, the new President, carries out scientific management, that is, increasing equipments technical reform and training personnel. We will also research new process and develop new products in order to gain better competition and satisfy the development of package industry. "FuQiang" will be well sold at home and abroad.
  Our company has advanced management culture and qualified staff and workers. The 6000m2 modernization workshop buildings are equipped with 6 sets of big weaving machines which fabricate belts for corrugated board production line, and related after-finishing and setting equipments. We have complete advanced process, and the annual output is up to 50,000m2.